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Loki's POV

She twisted and turned restless in her sleep, dreadful nightmares of her past haunting her once peaceful dreams. I wrapped my arms around her delicate frame, hoping it would calm her. She suddenly awoke confused, disoriented and panic written all over her face. Calming down slightly she tried to control her breathing which was coming out in tiny gasps. I sat up and hugged her closely to me. Wiping away her tears I asked her about her dream. Perhaps she would reveal what it was to me tonight. But alas she did not share her burden with me. Maybe she would tell me tomorrow night. For these nightmares seemed to happen every night. Once she had calmed down we lay down again.

Reader's POV

Once Loki fell asleep again I got out of bed. That same nightmare had been haunting me for almost a month now. I thought I had buried that memory deep down into some little dark corner of my mind. Obviously I had not buried it deep enough. About 3 years ago a friend of mine had committed suicide right in front of me. He just pulled the trigger. He smiled at me and pulled the trigger covering me in his blood while his body crumpled to the floor. And recently every time I close my eyes I see this scenario play out. I just can't sleep anymore. 

Loki's POV

I woke up to find that (name) was no longer beside me. I got up and searched the house for her. I found her on the veranda looking at the stars. Sitting down beside her I turned her to face me and said, "speak. Tell me why you can't sleep at night. What happened to you?" She stared at me blankly for a few minutes. Then her bottom lip started to quiver and slowly she told me the story. I pulled her close to me once she finished. We sat there embracing as she cried. By the time she had shed her last tear the sun had risen into the sky, it was a new day. She looked up at me and uttered two words "thank you." 
"Love, I did nothing."
"Not true, you have stayed by me and have waited patiently until I was ready to talk. I can honestly say that without a doubt in my mind I love you." She then kissed me. It was soft and sweet and passionate and for a few moments after the kiss I was unable to function properly. Once I had collected my scattered brain I replied with five words. "I love you too (name)."

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